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One of the best ways to build trust and credibility is to demonstrate that others trust you and believe you to be an expert.

The Radical Instant Credibility programs will help you establish that credibility by getting your name and business featured on dozens of news sites, including those part of the major networks - allowing you to proudly proclaim that your investment advice has been featured on FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc...

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How It Works

Step #1 - Select Your Program Option

Step #2 - Your Radical Marketing Manager will contact you and gather a few pieces of information that we need in order to get started.

Step #3 - Our creative writing team will create your press release, and email it to you for review and approval. Our writers will work with you to refine your press release until you are satisfied.

Step #4 - Once approved, we will work with our PR contacts to get your press release distributed to the various news networks and featured on their websites. A final round of editing may be needed.

Step #5 - Once distributed, you will get a report with the list of sites that your press release was featured on and the logos you can now use on your website. We will also provide you with some training and checklists on how to make the most of your new found fame.


Q: Is the free program only available to IARs of Precision Capital Management?

A: Yes, the free program is a special program for PCM. The free program is a group press release that will feature all the new IARs that have joined PCM since the last press release was submitted. The program generally runs once a quarter.

Q: How long before I can start using my logos?

A: Generally speaking, from the time your press release is accepted by our PR contacts, it takes 3-5 business days for the press release to be featured on the major news networks.

Q: Where will my press release be featured?

A: Your Press Release may be featured on local and regional news sites around the country. We cannot guarantee placement on specific sites. Generally, our press releases get picked up by many of the local ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX news sites as well as some regional newspapers like the Boston Globe.


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